Univanich Palm Oil Public Company Limited
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Board Of Directors

Mr. Apirag Vanich

Age 53

Education: Master’s degree in Business Administration from Indiana University and a degree in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University in the United States

Experience: Director of the Vanich group of companies in 1990 and Executive Chairman of the group since 1992. The Vanich group of companies is concentrated mainly in Thailand and in addition to the Univanich palm oil business the group has interests in mining, transport, property development and hospital services.

IOD Program:

  • Director Accreditation Program (DAP) #37/2005
  • Director Certification Program (DCP) #60/2005
  • Finance for Non-Finance Director (FND) #19/2005
  • The Role of Chairman (RCP) #13/2006
  • Leader Program, Capital Market Academy

Mrs. Phortchana Manoch

Age 63

Education: Bachelor of Laws from Dhurakij Pundit University. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, the United States. Master’s degree in Hospital Administration from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, the United States.

Experience: Currently Chief Executive of Aikchol Hospital Public Co., Ltd., a group of private hospitals in Chonburi Province. Mrs. Manoch has been a director of the Univanich business for more than fifteen years and is also a director of other companies in Vanich group.

IOD Program:

  • Director Certification Program (DCP) #25/2005
  • Financial Statements for Directors (FSD) #13/2011
  • Good Governance for Medical Executive Course-Class 1 from King Prajadhipok’s Institute

Ms. Kanchana Vanich

Age 60

Education: A degree in finance from the University of Wisconsin, in the United States.

Experience: Ms. Kanchana Vanich has been a Director in the Univanich business since 1983 and is also a director of other companies in the Vanich group, including Aikchol Hospital Public Company Limited.

IOD Program:

  • Director Accreditation Program (DAP) #36/2005

Dr. Palat Tittinutchanon

Age 71

Education: Ph.D. (Soil and Plant Science) University of Florida, U.S.A., a Master’s degree from North Carolina State University, USA. and a Bachelor degree from Kasetsart University in Thailand

Experience: Before joining Univanich in 1988, Dr. Palat Tittinutchanon was Senior Oil Palm Agronomist in Thailand’s Department of Agriculture. In 1988 he was appointed Research Officer responsible for the Univanich R&D programme. From 1994 he was seconded overseas by Unilever for two years as Estate Manager in Pamol Plantations Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. Upon his return to Thailand in 1996, he was appointed as Plantations Manager, responsible for operations in Univanich oil palm estates.
In April 2012, Dr. Palat was appointed to the Board as Plantations Director and Head of Oil Palm Research.

IOD Program:

  • -

Mr. John Clendon
Managing Director

Age 69

Education: Diplomas in Agriculture and in Valuation and Farm Management, from Lincoln University in New Zealand.

Experience: From 1980 to 1998 John Clendon was employed by Unilever Plantations and Plant Science Group of the UK, holding various management positions in the Asia - Pacific region, including that of Managing Director of the Univanich joint venture in Thailand from 1991 to 1996. Prior to re-joining Univanich in October 1998, Mr. Clendon was Director of Unilever’s oil palm operations in East Asia, Chairman and Managing Director of Unipamol Malaysia Sdn Bhd. and director of Unifield PLC in the UK

IOD Program:

  • Director Accreditation Program (DAP) #57/2005
  • Director Certification Program (DCP) #95/2007

Dr. Prote Sosothikul

Age 50

Education: Doctorate in Business Administration from the American University of Hawaii and Master of Science degree from Boston University, USA.

Experience: Currently Vice President of Business Development for Seacon Development Public Company Limited, the developer and operator of the largest retail shopping complex in Thailand. Dr. Prote Sosothikul was appointed as a non-executive director on the Univanich Board in 2000.

IOD Program:

  • Director Certification Program (DCP) #40/2004

Mr. Suchad Chiaranussati
Chairman of the Audit Committee
Independent Director

Age 54

Education: Master’s degree in Management Science from Imperial College, University of London and an honours degree in economics and political science from the London School of Economics.

Experience: Between 1991 and 1998, Mr. Chiaranussati was a vice-president of Investment Banking at JP Morgan’s Proprietary Investment and Investment Banking Unit. In late 1998 he was appointed as an advisor to the Bank of Thailand on matters relating to corporate sector debt restructuring, and the Financial Institutions Development Fund. Mr. Chiaranussati was the Managing Principal of Westbrook Partners till early 2005. Today, Mr. Chiaranussati is the Managing Principal of RECAP Partners and is responsible for RECAP Partners’ real estate investment operations for Asia. Mr. Chiaranussati was appointed to the Univanich Board as an Independent Director on 12nd February, 2000.

IOD Program:

  • Director Accreditation Program (DAP) #37/2005

Ms. Supapang Chanlongbutra
Audit Committee
Independent Director

Age 61

Education: A degree in Accounting from Thammasart University and Master’s degree in Public Administration from the National Institute of Development Administration.

Experience: Ms. Chanlongbutra joined Univanich as a Management Trainee in 1985 and was the Company’s Financial Controller from 1994 to 1997 before being promoted to the position of Commercial Manager in charge of the Company’s financial and accounting activities. During her 15 years with the Company she participated in Unilever’s commercial and management training activities in several countries, and in 1990 was seconded as an overseas auditor in Unilever’s Internal Audit Department. In 2000 Ms. Chanlongbutra resigned her management position with Univanich to take up management responsibility for her family’s business interests in plantations, rubber manufacturing and exporting. Ms. Chanlongbutra was appointed to the Univanich Board as an Independent Director on 27th July 2003.

IOD Program:

  • Director Accreditation Program (DAP) #38/2005
  • Audit Committee Program (ACP) #7/2005

Mrs. Chantip Vanich

Age 52

Education: Mrs. Chantip Vanich graduated MBA in Finance from University of San Francisco, and has a Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Redlands, California, USA

Experience: Mrs. Chantip Vanich has a background in banking and finance, as senior Business Analyst and in property development. Since 1991 she has been the Director of Finance and Accounting for the Vanich Group of Companies with interests in Agriculture, Mining, Transport and Property development. She serves on the Boards of a number of other companies including N.C. Property Co.,Ltd. and the Princess Health and Spa Beach Resort Co.,Ltd. Since 1991 Mrs. Chantip Vanich has also served as a Director of the Chean Wannee Vanich Charitable Foundation providing education scholarships and healthcare assistance to local communities.
Mrs. Chantip Vanich was appointed to the Univanich Board of Directors on 10th November 2017

IOD Program:

  • Director Accreditation Program 29/2004
  • Director Certification Program # 53/2005
  • Audit Committee Program # 5/2005
  • Fellow Member, Diploma, Director Certification Program # April 2005

Mr. Pramoad Phornprapha
Audit Committee
Independent Director

Age 51

Education: Mr. Pramoad Phornprapha has a MPA in Business and Government, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (Honours), MBA in Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University (Honours), and BS in Electrical Engineering, Northwestern University (Honours)

Experience: Mr. Pramoad Phornprapha is the founding partner of consulting firm Claris Co.,Ltd. and an ex-partner at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He has been advising leading companies in a number of industries across different functional areas in many Asian countries since 1995. His specific expertise is in strategic planning and corporate restructuring. He accumulated his experience during his nine years at BCG where he was the first South East Asian to be elected partner in 2001. He has been involved on topics ranging from strategy, operational effectiveness, to organisational improvement primarily in financial services, industrial goods, and consumer product industries. His recent focus has been on growth strategies and restructuring of large companies, particularly family owned conglomerates in Thailand. Mr. Pramoad serves on the boards of a number of private and public companies including Sermsuk Public Company Limited and Thai Summit Harness Public Company Limited.
Mr. Pramoad Phornprapha was appointed to the Univanich Board as an Audit Committee/Independent Director on 30th September 2017

IOD Program:

  • Directors Certification Program, DCP 55/2005, Thai Institute of Directors (IOD)
  • Leader Program, CMA10, Capital Market Academy

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