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Corporate Profile

Univanich Palm Oil Public Company Limited was established on 26th December 1995 as an amalgamation of three of Thailand’s pioneer palm oil companies. The three companies were Thai Oil Palm Industry and Estate Company Limited, Siam Palm Oil and Refinery Industry Company Limited, and Hup Huat Palm Oil Industry Company Limited. The Company was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 25th November 2003 under the abbreviation UVAN.

Univanich is one of Thailand’s leading producers of crude palm oil (“CPO”) and crude palm kernel oil (“PKO”). Palm oils are important ingredients in the manufacture of cooking oils and salad oils, margarines and shortening, snack foods, ice creams, soaps, shampoos and cosmetics. Biodiesel and biofuels are rapidly expanding new uses of palm oil. A byproduct from the production of PKO is palm kernel cake (“PKC”) which is used in animal feeds.

The main features of the Company’s business are as follows:

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